104 Days

it's the weekend!

it’s the weekend!

I have just had my birthday and along with many others I find myself repeatedly saying “Isn’t time flying?”, “Gosh! How quickly this year is going by; it is almost August already!” and the quizzical “Where is the time going?”

Where is the time going?

So where is it going? Well first off, I spend 10 hours at work a day. Fortunately for me, I work from home, so don’t have the dreaded commute. But I do travel for work and so am often away during the week, or late home in the evenings. Those evenings at home are spent cooking, tidying, doing laundry, packing for the next trip. Just running round like a headless chicken! This is swiftly followed by flopping on the sofa and doing an impression of vegetating in front of the tele, but actually I am trying desperately not to think of the work to-do list for tomorrow. So in the week, there isn’t much time for me…..

recurrent weekly cycle

This recurrent weekly cycle is so familiar – it could be performed in a daze. Often it probably is! The stimuli are the same. The outcomes are the same. And so the days start to blend into one. Sure, there are excitements and things to learn at work….

But when I look back, it is the things I do for me that are my milestones: the spa day with my mum and sister; that hen weekend at Butlins Bognor Regis; the trip to the theatre and sitting in the Gods; the rugby league Challenge Cup finals; the basketball at the Olympics last year and this list goes on….. What is important, really, is the time I spend away from work with my family and friends.

treasure chest of amazing memories

So thank goodness for …..the Weekend! That time when you can get to do fun things. When you can, metaphorically, let your hair down and let the real YOU emerge. The weekend is precious. We have 104 days each year which we can use for adding to our “amazing memories” treasure chest. There are so many possibilities of new things to try, or learn, or practice, or see.

the weekend = 104 days 

Let’s get out there and make those 104 days count!

Free your 104 Days!

Free your 104 Days!