Power of a Break and a BONUS Post too!

Power of a Break

I have my summer holidays later than most and this year was no exception. We visited the lovely island of Kos and I took an almost complete “tech” sabbatical.  It was an excellent way to just get back to doing what us humans have done without aids for thousands of years….communicate face-to-face with each other…no need for electronic gadgetry. With the distractions gone, you can just get on with living in the now, which I found totally refreshing.  It is amazing how much you later remember when you are actually fully engaged in the moment and how time isn’t blurring into a stream of sameness.  Mind you, I admit that this is much easier to accomplish when you are on holiday….next challenge is to achieve this in “normal” life!

self-imposed break from technology

A refreshing break with no technology

A refreshing break with no technology

So after my semi-self imposed break from technology I took some time to actually just do those things that are important to me, that fire me up and help me have outlets for my energy and creativity other than the 9 to 5.  There has been quite a lot to digest, and I will share more in the coming weeks, when I again find time to really focus on my writing. And although I do realise it has been a few weeks since I lasted posted here at Leisure Guru, I haven’t been entirely dormant on the writing front.

Previously I wrote about my hopes for Leisure Guru and mentioned I was preparing a guest post for the Emerge and Evolve Magazine……well…. ta da!  My “6 (and a bit) business travel tips” have now been published. So I am keeping things ticking along and working towards more “Perfect Days“.

guest post published – 6 (and a bit) Business Travel Tips

So what’s next? Well I have few more posts planned on my “personal discoveries” from my holiday to Kos plus we are coming into one of my favourite seasons….autumn, quickly followed by winter….so expect articles on good winter warming foods, my ideal winter’s day, winter sports and a whole lot more. But for now, why don’t you head over and read my tips for making the most of your next business trip so you see more than this….. (and yes, I did take a picture of the inside of an airplane!)

See a lot more than this on your next business trip

See a lot more than this on your next business trip

Post written by Catherine Evans Joines


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