To make things happen we have to prioritise them

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

― J.P. Morgan

It is all well and good to dream. But if I really want that “Perfect Summer’s Day” I wrote about yesterday I am going to have to work at it.  It won’t magically appear unless I really focus on the steps that I can make to get me there.   So for the rest of the month I am going to push myself to do 3 things that will get me closer to my best life.

Now for the hard part. What are the things that I can do that will actually help me reach my dream of being location-independent, of working with passionate-souls and having the ability to develop myself further through learning, exploring and doing?   Mmmm. Not easy (Must admit that at this point I re-read yesterday’s post again, stared up at the sky, mouched around on the outdoor couch and chewed the end of the pen – yes I did have a pen to hand!)

active outdoors

Ok so one of the key elements that came out of yesterday’s blog post, was my desire to have outdoor activities in my day.  This seems achievable.  Although with the amount of travel planned in the next 3 weeks for the day job, it will definitely be a stretch.  But I will commit to doing some form of exercise outdoors for at least 30 minutes each day. Now that can be walking, cycling, swimming, circuits, climbing, anything in fact.  The important thing is being outdoors and actually doing something more than sitting! That’s the first thing, being more active.

Jump at Sunset

get the low-down on a virtual business

Second one. Well it dawned on me I don’t “know” too many people actually working virtually. Sure I know some from the online world, but that’s just it, they are online. I don’t actually know what their day-to-day looks like; how they organise their day; what they find most effective for moving forward; how they keep motivated etc etc.  So number 2 is to connect, in person, preferably over tea and cake, with someone working virtually. Someone who is actually making a success of the type of lifestyle I desire.  Ok this one will be more tricky and will need more thought on how to achieve it, but donning my corporate hat “isn’t that what stretch goals are for?”.

Tea and cake at Knotlow Farm

working on the move

And finally number 3. Although not mentioned too explicitly in yesterday’s post, travel features strongly in my best life. I want to be able to combine exploring and seeing new places with being able to work.  I have done plenty of business trips all over the world and am very adept at working in airport lounges, on trains, in planes and in hotel rooms.  But I have never tried to work on my own things whilst away from home.  Will I have the motivation and discipline? Will I be able to focus?  I know that I have a 10 day holiday coming up (to an as yet unknown destination) and I want to use some of this time to test out this part of my imagined “best life”.  In other words, I would like this trip to be a little bit of a trial run, to see if I like working while on the road.  So in the next few weeks I will plan the 10 day trip, decide which 3 days will be work days and then give it ago. (I know 3 days might be a bit short, but I think I will get a pretty clear idea if it is something feasible or if it is something I hate!)

Working looking at this view, will it be possible?

Working looking at this view, will it be possible?

So there you have it,

my three actions

  1. 30 min activity each day
  2. Connect with someone working virtually and making it a success
  3. Have a go at working on my things whilst travelling.

This post was written in response to the Day 6 challenge run by The Suitcase Entrepreneur.


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